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Shakespeare and European Geographies: centralities and elsewheres

The European Shakespeare Research Association (ESRA) is proud to announce that its next biennial  Conference will take place in the summer of 2019 in Rome, Italy, at Roma Tre University.

ESRA 2019 will have a special focus on processes of remapping, with consequences for early modern discourses on borders, nations, territories, the world. It will prompt discussions of the place held by such processes in the culture of the period, but it will also foreground the various ways in which they are relevant for current preoccupations and concerns.

Organising and Advisory Board

Prof. Maria Del Sapio Garbero, Roma Tre University (Convenor)
Prof. Maddalena Pennacchia, Roma Tre University (Convenor)
Prof. Maurizio Calbi, University of Palermo
Dr. Lisanna Calvi, University of Verona

Potential topics to be addressed may include (but are not limited to):

  •  Geographies of inclusion and exclusion
  • Centre and peripheries
  • Narratives of migration and exile
  • Cartographies of gender and race
  • Vagrancy and hospitality
  • Walls and border-crossings
  • Europe and global Souths
  • Wilderness, exoticism and liminal places
  • Translation as geography
  • Translating and re-translating Shakespeare
  • Shakespearean migrations across media
  • Conflicting geographies of the soul
  • Geographies of the sacred
  • Explorations and geographies of the self
  • Wars of religions and reconfigured geographies
  • Digital remappings of Shakespeare
  • Mobile Shakespeare across genres
  •  Circulating books and translation
  • Universal libraries and local libraries
  • Translatio Imperii and Cultural Mobility
  • World and National Shakespeares
  • Sea-routes and cultural encounters
  • Shipwrecked identities
  • Local Shakespeare in performance in the digital space

Call for Seminars & Panels

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