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The IACHEC aims to provide standards for high energy calibration and supervise cross calibration between different missions. This goal is reached through working groups, where IACHEC members cooperate to define calibration standards and procedures. The scope of these groups is primarily a practical one: a set of data and results (eventually published on refereed journals) will be the outcome of a coordinated and standardized analysis of references sources (“high-energy standard candles”). Past, present and future high-energy mission can use these results as a calibration reference.

Scientific Program

The meeting will have the usual 3.5 days structure, split between plenary session and Working Group meetings.

9 April 2018

AM: Calibration status of operational missions
PM: Working Groups (14:00-16:00: CCD, High-Resolution; 16:30-18:30: CalStats I, Non-Thermal SNR)

10 April 2018

AM: Working Groups (08:30-10:30: Galaxy Clusters, White Dwarfs; 11:00-13:00: Contamination, Heritage)
PM: Special sessions (NICER, Cross-calibration consensus forum)

11 April 2018

AM: Special sessions (IXPE, secondary standards)
PM: Working Groups (14:00-16:00: CalStats II, Timing; 16:30-18:30: Coordinated Observations, Thermal SNR)

12 April 2018

AM: Working Group reports


Matteo Guainazzi (Chair)
Vadim Burwitz
Adam Foster
Catherine Grant
Vinay Kashyap
Kristin Kruse Madsen (co-Chair)
Herman Marshall
Eric Miller
Lorenzo Natalucci
Jukka Nevalainen
Paul Plucinsky
Yukikatsu Terada


Lorenzo Natalucci (Chair)
Silvia Zampieri (co-Chair)
Diana Martella
Erina Pizzi
Ugo Zannoni

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