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On behalf of the University of Padova, FEPSAC, the Italian Society of Sport Psychology and the highly committed organizing and scientific team, we are very pleased to invite you to join the 16th European Congress of Sport and Exercise Psychology in Padova, Italy, July 2022.

We hope that many Sport and Exercise Psychologists, Sport Scientists, Psychologists and all who are interested in sport and exercise psychology find their way to the historical, cultural and lovable city of Padova, in which Giotto and Galileo have left their artistic and scientific legacy. Padova is situated in the north east of Italy, in the Veneto Region, very close to the Venice airport and has two UNESCO sites (the Botanical garden and the Cappella degli Scrovegni).

We invite you all to participate the FEPSAC congress during these five days in the Palazzo della Ragione and Palazzo del Bo. We are working hard to make this event happen and to offer you all an outstanding scientific and applied program. We hope to welcome over 1,000 participants to this Congress.

We want also to underline that the University of Padova is one of the most ancient universities in the world. It was established in 1222 and it will celebrate in 2022 its 800th founding anniversary. Padova is a city of art par excellence that strikes the perfect balance between history and modernity, young and dynamic. The Ideal location for hosting the FEPSAC 2022 Congress.

The topics of the congress are related to sport, exercise and performance psychology and include innovation and inclusiveness in sport and physical exercise from a multidisciplinary perspective.

We are excited about the outstanding collaborations with FEPSAC, all parts of the University of Padova, in particular his Rector, the city of Padova and its mayor, the many supporters and sponsors, the AIPS, the Regional order of Psychologist and the regional delegation of CONI, and finally the President of the Region.

Therefore, we believe that the FEPSAC 2022 Congress will represents an excellent opportunity of networking that will bring together professionals and members of the Sport Psychology community academic worldwide.

Looking forward to host you in Padova, 2022

The FEPSAC 2022 Co-Chairs

Maurizio Bertollo, Antonio Paoli, Marta Ghisi and Marcella Bounous

Conference Venue

Italy is one of the cradle countries of Sport Psychology; as a matter of fact, in 1965, the International Society of Sport Psychology has been found in Rome, which shared with Padova the institution of the first Faculty of Psychology in Italy. Padova is a historical town in the north-east of Italy, (situated very close to Venice), which hosts one of the most ancient universities in the world established in 1222. Therefore, in 2022 the University of Padova will celebrate its 800th founding anniversary.

A city of art par excellence, Padova is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered: the gems on offer range from the famous University to the Scrovegni Chapel with its frescoes by Giotto, and from the Botanical Garden, a UNESCO heritage site, to Prato della Valle, one of Europe’s largest squares. A city that strikes the perfect balance between history and modernity, Padova is both young and dynamic.