As part of the Corporate Social Responsibility, Symposia Srl. S.U. commits to behave in an ethical and correct manner, enriching its management choices with ethical, social and environmental considerations.

Regarding internal responsibility, Symposia Srl. S.U. guarantees careful analysis in the management of human resources, without distinctions of gender, ethnicity, religion, sex and sexual orientation, paying particular attention to gender balance in the assignment of tasks and responsibilities and in salaries; Symposia Srl. S.U.  is attentive to health and safety in the workplace, making sure that among its staff there are people in charge of dealing with emergency situations; Symposia Srl. S.U. controls the use of its resources and the effect they have on the environment, for example by choosing recyclable materials.

Even in choosing its partners, Symposia Srl. S.U. ensures that the entire supply chain that leads to the realization of the events guarantees maximum respect for human rights and the environment.

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