We actively collaborate with the Master in
Tourism Management of Roma Tre University.

Symposia gives a lecture about its activities on yearly basis to the students who often decide to serve an internship at our office.


Togheter we implemented RTIM Taurus,
which awarded the ESA Conference management,
which took place in Turin in 2013,
reaching about 2500 participants.


We regularly create on line registration tools
allowing the payment of the fees and hotel reservation.
Thanks to SEM-2000 management tool, we are able to send invitations
up to 9000 e-mails for promoting major events.

Jazz Italy | Partnership Symposia srl

JAZZ Travel

We have been organizing many CME courses together.
They act as a travel agent as well,
arranging trips for our participants and speakers.

Progetto 3,14 & Meeting Service sas

The agencies we manage many
CME courses with.