Symposia’s structure

Founded in 1988, Symposia srl is a PCO/DMC with 30 years of successful experience in the following sectors:

  • Istitutional
  • Scientific – Associative
  • Medic
  • Energetic

Our headquarters are located in Prati neighborhood, in Rome, Via Augusto Riboty, 21.

Symposia has 7 employees and several consultants, among whom an architect – who manages all the graphical and productions aspects – a photographer as a graphical designer, an informatics consultant, an international bidding manager and a legal rappresentative, Dr. Patrizia Pasolini, who has the power to represent and engage the company.

Symposia has always been operating in Rome as well as the entire Italian territory, both for high profile seminary and for big international events with worldwide delegates.

Symposia srl is “Preferred partner” of the Convention Bureau Italy and active partner of the Convention Bureau Rome and Lazio and Federcongressi. It is also associated with the International Congress and Convention Association ICCA and cooperates with its Italian chapter.

The Symposia Team

Has the habit to be involved and to share decisions as well as the strategic business plans. As a result, it works as an extremely responsible and supportive team. for every single project, regardless the dimension and profitability. Nobody is ever left alone in at the peak of the work.

It also has an outstanding attention for the Corporate Social Responsability:

  • Symposia was one of the only 2 italian staffs rewarded at the 2017 edition of the Federcongressi Assembly for its collaboration with the Food For Good Project.

  • It adopted environmental sustainability and inclusivity policies for all its events.

  • Thanks to its proven sensibility and ability to work in multicultural environments, Symposia has been chosen for organizing interreligious events (as the Global Partners Forum 2018) as well as events with strong content of social solidarity (ISMRD 2017, ISAAC 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018).