Project Description


30th European Association of Archaeologists Annual meeting

28 – 31 August 2024 – Rome, Italy

The EAA is the largest membership organization of archaeologists in Europe, founded in 1994 to bring together the entire continent with its common history made up of continuous connections. The EAA currently has around 3000 members from Europe and around the world, representing all different archaeologists, from professionals to academics to heritage experts, and many more, working on all types of contexts, chronologies and themes.

The Annual Meeting themes, as defined by the Scientific Committee, incorporate the diversity of EAA and the multidimensionality of archaeological practice, including archaeological interpretation, heritage management and politics of the past and present.

  1. The Material Record: Current Trends and Future Directions
  2. Archaeological Sciences, Humanities and the Digital era: Bridging the Gaps
  3. The Life of Archaeological Heritage in Society
  4. Persisting with Change: Theory and Archaeological Scrutiny
  5. All Roads Lead to Rome: Multiscalar Interactions
  6. The Mediterranean from Within
  7. Archaeology of Sustainability through World Crises, Climate Change, Conflicts and War