Project Description

51st Annual Scientific Meeting of the European Society for Clinical Investigation

The ESCI 2017 meeting will last two and half days (from Wednesday to Friday), with high quality workshops on phagocyte biology, mitochondrial biology, rheumatology, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases/lifestyle and nephrology. Young investigators will be able to meet in the San Martino Hospital (Congress venue) several senior scientists from all Europe Countries. Keep in mind to attend to the Congress Dinner!


Cancer clinics
Cancer Immunoregulation and immunotherapy
Flow cytometry advancements in clinical investigation with Gruppo italiano di citometria (GIC) and the International society for advancement of cytometry (ISAC)
Diabetes with Italian Society of Diabetes
Hepatology / Metabolism / Life Style
Internal Medicine with Fadoi
Tissue calcification
Lipidology and atherosclerosis
Mitochondria Biology and Medicine
Hypertension, Uric Acid and Cardiovascular risk
Phagocyte Biology
Vaccination and autoimmune diseas: from theory to practice
New therapeutic approaches to epilepsy
Simulation in Echocardiography with SIMAV


The European Society for Clinical Investigation was established in 1967 as a pan-European Society to integrate clinicians and scientists with a genuine interest in uncovering the mechanism of disease. Unrestricted by national boundaries, the Society provides a forum for discussion, debate and meeting colleagues in order to advance the science of clinical investigation. The term ‘clinical investigation’ is interpreted widely from bench to bedside including animal studies relevant to humans in health or disease.ES