Project Description

Nursing, An International Profession

The Florence 2020 Conference, while being located in the city of Nightingale’s birth and clearly associating itself with her image and achievements, is intended to be broad-ranging and inclusive. Florence Nightingale is taken as an important reference-point to the history of modern nursing, but the purpose of the conference is to highlight current research across a wide field of endeavour.

Florence 2020 abstracts are related to the history of nursing or healthcare and are summarized in the following topics:

  • Nursing before Nightingale
  • Nursing in Italy from medieval times to the present day
  • Nurses and nursing in hospitals
  • Nursing in wartime
  • The development of nursing traditions and cultures in Europe
  • Global histories of nursing; internationalism in nursing
  • Histories of leadership in nursing
  • Florence Nightingale’s contribution to the development of nursing: controversies and debates
  • Histories of nursing practice
  • Other nursing/healthcare related subjects


Deadline for submission of abstracts and posters: July 10th 2019

Early bird deadline: October 31st 2019


Il Fuligno

The main venue for the conference is the Il Fuligno complex in the thriving centre of Florence, just a few minutes from the train station of Santa Maria Novella, the Market of San Lorenzo, and the Medici Chapels.


Salone dei Cinquecento

The conference opens in the Salone Dei Cinquecento in the Palazzo Vecchio in the centre of Florence. Literally translated as ‘the Chamber of 500’. This is the largest room in all Italy, measuring 54 by 23 meters (175 by 75 feet) and was meant to fit up to 500 council members who would be able to attend meetings as representatives of the city.