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INCS 2018 International Conference | Symposia eventi scientifici

The INCS 2018 supernumerary conference, ‘Measure and Excess’, is jointly organised by the University of Roma Tre (Dipartimento di lingue, letterature e culture straniere), Macerata University (Dipartimento di studi umanistici), La Sapienza and John Cabot University.

The INCS programme committee invites proposals for papers on the theme of “measure and excess” in the long nineteenth century. From Aristotle’s famous attack on excess in the Nichomachean Ethics to twenty-first century denunciations of the dissipations of financial capitalism, the margins of excess have been redrawn throughout the ages. Although the nineteenth century is often associated with ideas of restraint and moderation, manifestations of excess are fostered everywhere in the social, cultural, economic, literary and political realms. The myth of the artist as an outcast who exceeds moral, sexual and aesthetic rules is a nineteenth-century construction; so too is the positivistic notion of the “measurability” of all things, human and non-human, and the consequent project of containing and repressing the potentially subversive “excesses” of the non-rational.

Deadline for abstract submission extended to: 19 November 2017.

Please send abstracts to: