Project Description

INQUA 2023 – International Union For Quaternary Research: Time for Change

14 – 20 July 2023 – Università La Sapienza, Rome, Italy

“We want to take this occasion to rekindle the pioneering spirit of the 4th INQUA Congress, held in 1953 in Rome and Pisa. The 2023 venue will be the Sapienza University main Campus (conveniently located in the east of Rome, close to main train and subway stations) in order to present our research in a friendly university environment with reduced registration fees. Moreover, in 2023 we will join celebrations with special events commemorating the 720th year since the foundation of Sapienza University and the 150th anniversary of the Italian Geological Survey.

The theme of our congress is “Time for Change” to emphasize the critical role of Quaternary sciences in contributing the knowledge we need to face current societal and climate challenges. In fact, the understanding of the global changes cannot be achieved without the scientific knowledge of how Earth has changed during the recent geological past. As such, it is very appropriate to convene the international Quaternary community in Italy; the Mediterranean region is so geologically young and active, it is the ideal location to discuss the process and events that shaped the landscape, environments and ecosystems over the last 2.58 million years.”