Project Description

Define the course and objectives European policy should strive to achieve regarding the social economy: an ambitious yet urgent goal according to the Italian Presidency, which has chosen to dedicate, during the Semester of Presidency of the European Union Council, careful consideration to the role of the S​ocial ​Economy by organizing the international conference “Unlocking the potential of the social economy for EU growth”. The event will take place on November 17th-18th in Rome, Italy at the Auditorium del Massimo.
The event is organised by the Italian Ministry of Labour and Social Policy in collaboration and with the financial contribution of the European Commission and with the support of ISFOL and represents one of the biggest summits on th​is subject in Europe.

More than 190 speakers from 25 European countries – Institutional representatives, social economy practitioners, stakeholders, policy-makers, scholars and experts (as well as all of those who are interested in helping the Social Economy fulfill its potential) – will discuss the key issues affecting the development of the Social Economy in Europe. The debate will be organised in 1​0 parallel thematic sessions examining various topics, including policy support at National and European level, financial instruments and intermediaries or collaboration with the public sector.