Project Description

5th International Conference on Glycoproteinoses | ISMRD 2017

The ISMRD Board of Directors are thrilled to bring our 5th International Conference for Glycoprotein Storage Diseases to Rome!

In November 2017, the 5th International Conference on Glycoproteinoses will be held in Rome, Italy. We believe that moving this conference from the United States to Europe will raise awareness of these rare lysosomal disorders and increase the global visibility of ISMRD as a family-centric organization that funds scientific research and meetings.

Like earlier ISMRD gatherings, the conference will bring together basic scientists and clinicians from around the world to share with patient families and colleagues their latest discoveries in the areas of glycoproteinoses pathophysiology, investigational and preclinical therapy development, and clinical trials for these rare disorders.

The intent of the ISMRD 2017 Cnference is 4-fold:

  1. to stimulate the exchange of ideas;
  2. to form new collaborations among investigators and clinicians with different expertise;
  3. to spark interest in these complex diseases among postdoctoral research fellows and graduate students;
  4. to strengthen connections among affected families around the world, so they are better informed and supported.

The ultimate goal of the ISMRD is to foster national and international partnerships to efficiently advance therapies for children and adolescents who suffer from these rare and currently incurable diseases.