Project Description

Commodity Sciences have always dealt with the issues of quality, innovation and sustainability in the agro-food sector, as demonstrated by the national and international literature rich in the contributions of the scholars of our Academy. Furthermore, today Commodity Sciences play an authoritative role in supporting the change process required by the market and in line with the strategic guidelines provided by national and international policymakers (such as Agenda 2030, European Green Deal, PNRR, etc.).

The goal is to make agri-food systems fair, healthy and respectful of the environment, by designing a common agri-food policy capable of intervening at all stages of the supply chain, from production to consumption, in order to implement policies to encourage the transition towards systems sustainable (FAO, 2017). Quality, innovation, sustainability and ethics are all key aspects of the agri-food sector. Industry actors must work together to ensure that these aspects are considered at all stages of food production, to create a healthy, sustainable and more equitable food system. Therefore, these are crucial issues in constant evolution to which researchers in our sector are called to contribute, starting a constructive, scientifically rigorous and systematic debate.

The Conference on Quality, Innovation and Sustainability in the agro-food chain: the contribution of commodity sciences represents an important platform for further study and discussion of the crucial role of commodity sciences within the entire agri-food chain. The event will bring together academics, researchers and industry professionals, promoting an in-depth analysis of the latest developments, innovations and trends in terms of efficiency, sustainability and quality.